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Notice on the Selection of International students "Alumni Ambassadors" of China Three Gorges University 2021

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Notice on the Selection of International students "Alumni Ambassadors" of China Three Gorges University 2021

Alumni are the most beautiful cards of our university. The university carries the best memories of alumni. Alumni ambassador is a bridge between the university and alumni, and an important platform for communication between alumni. In order to further strengthen the cohesion of the international students and alumni of China Three Gorges University, develop the communication service between the university and the majority of alumni, and promote the development of both sides, the university now decided to select a group of "alumni ambassador" from the international student graduates. The specific notice is as follows.

1. Seat Distribution

1 or 2 "Alumni Ambassadors" from international graduating students in each college.

2. Basic Requirement

1. Caring about the university, paying attention to CTGU development, being enthusiastic and willing to serve classmates;

2. Having good dedication, organizational techniques and coordination skills; having a strong influence and appeal among international students; being able to actively organize the college's international students and alumni to carry out activities. Students who served as student leaders and awarded as outstanding graduates are preferred.

3. Working Description

  1. Keep in touch with the university and the international students of the college, and actively promote the communication and contact between the university and the international students of the college;

  2. Actively organize and participate in university international student activities, organize alumni activities;

  3. Organize and collect the alumni address book of the college to assist the university in contacting alumni of international students;

  4. Collect and reflect the opinions and suggestions of international students and alumni of the university, provide the university with dynamic information of international students and alumni in time, report the outstanding experiences of international students and alumni, and support the various work of the university;

  5. Assist in the promotion of the China Three Gorges University alumni website, eChat platform and alumni information data management platform.

4. Rights

  1. You will be invited to attend the graduation ceremony, and received the letter of appointment of the "Alumni Ambassador" issued by the university at the ceremony;

  2. You can learn the latest information of the university, alumni associations and alumni of international students from the university in time;

  3. Excellent students recommended by "Alumni Ambassador" will be admitted first under the same conditions.

  4. You will get exquisite souvenirs from the university.

5. Selection Procedures

  1. Individual self-registration-review by the college- submission to the university;

  2. Letter of appointment for "Alumni Ambassador" issued by the university;

  3. Appointment ceremony for "Alumni Ambassadors" at the graduation ceremony.

6. Working Requirements

  1. All colleges shall carry out the recommendation and selection of "Alumni Ambassadors" in accordance with the requirements of the notice.

  2. The recommendation of the colleges should be completed before June 11, and the form of the international student "Alumni Ambassadors" should be submitted to the student office mailbox of the College of International Communications.

Appendix 1: Recommendation form of "Alumni Ambassadors" for international students from China Three Gorges University.

Appendix 2: List of Recommendation Forms of "Alumni Ambassadors" for College of International Communications.

College of International Communications

China Three Gorges University

June 7, 2021


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